Ministering the love of Christ to the people of Zambezi Valley and across Zimbabwe
Zambezi Valley Christian Mission


Ministering the Love of Christ

…to the people of Zambezi Valley and across Zimbabwe

The Zambezi Valley Christian Mission is working hard to minister to the people of Zambezi Valley. We have many projects we are doing to improve the lives of people in the community, as well as building a church, conducting weddings, and caring for widows and children.

House Project

October 2022

I am so humbled by your continued support toward the building of the house. I have a magnificent building but the race is not yet over. Now there is need to purchase roofing materials, that is, planks, asbestos, nails and so forth. Also I need to pay the builders US$2000 although I don’t have it at hand. Once again I humbly look up to your continued generosity and kindness for financial assistance for the completion of the project.

In His Service


What God has joined together, let no man put asunder!

September 2022 was the happiest month for Konde and Carolyn for their colorful wedding. There was great joy for parents, relatives, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ witnessing a new couple getting into a sacred marriage. The banquet was awesome. A fat cow was slaughtered and well cooked. A six layered cake was bought and shared among the crowd. Each and everyone tasted a piece of cake.That was fantastic! The escort dancers were well trained and kept us well entertained. This is the third wedding of the year I have so far conducted. It gives honor to God and to the family of God when our youths obediently do what they’re taught. I am looking forward to conducting two more weddings before the end of the year. Let’s pray for their successful arrangements.

Leadership Conference is
October 24th through 29th.
This will be the last conference for 2022.