Ministering the love of Christ to the people of Zambezi Valley and across Zimbabwe
Zambezi Valley Christian Mission


These are a few of our sponsors. Thank you for your support!

We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Our most faithful and primary supporter is Jill Hartzel, who has been managing our support donations all these years to keep us operating. Please send donations here to support our ministry, and Jill will make sure it gets to us.

Good Neighbor Network
2445 SW Crestdale Dr
Portland, OR 97225

Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo, LLC.

With God, all things are possible.

Christians making games to make the world a better place. This website was donated to the Zambezi Valley Christian Mission by Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo.

Private Donors

There are many private individuals who have been faithfully supporting our ministry over the years. Some have given one-time donations, and others have contributed diligently with monthly tithes and offerings to our ministry. All are appreciated and recognized as sacrifices from a person’s income. We are doing our best to be good stewards of all that the Lord has provided, the funds are used directly for the ministry.

Thank you!

The Time is Now

If you have thought about giving a portion of your tithe to our ministry, please follow the leading of your heart and send it now. Be the hands and feet of Jesus and send your blessing today.

Leadership Conference is
October 24th through 29th.
This will be the last conference for 2022.