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April report – 2022
April report – 2022

April report – 2022

A lot has been accomplished in God’s field here in Zimbabwe. In April we celebrated the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in two different zones. In both zones I was invited to be their Guest Speaker but I felt the Lord had directed me to go to Jambezi. I was welcome with great joy and happiness. I was so surprised that I was the only one scheduled to preach for the whole Easter. When I asked to exchange pulpit with someone they refused because they wanted to be blessed by me through my sermons. I had no choice but to preach. By the end of each day I really felt exhausted and needed enough time to sleep at night. One of my sermons deeply touched one of the Church elders. He’s a new Church elder and I had never met him before. As I preached, he was wondering whether I was a prophet or not because I said deep things that happened in his life. He couldn’t wait but went to his local  pastor and asked if I was a prophet or not. The pastor told him that I was just an ordinary pastor. He finally testified what happened in his life. It was great hearing testimonies from the brethrens. The music and dancing were just fabulous. One other thing that pleased me was the steady growth of the Church. Now it is having Church elders and deacons. The male attendants was very low before. The pastor is now having men to share the pulpit with. When the Easter was over, I was blessed with chickens and greens from the fields such as pumpkins and watermelons. 

At the same time six Churches had gathered at Dongamuse to remember and rejoice over the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There were great lessons from many different pastors. People were keen to learn more from potential preachers who had just graduated from Zimbabwe Christian College. People wanted to know their spiritual gifts. It is a huge blessing to have trained pastors in  God’s Kingdom. It’s also exciting to have more workers in the Mission dedicated to advance God’s work. At this gathering, they played musical instruments which made singing and dancing great. 

We had a Youth Conference on the 25th to 29th of April. The attendance was fairly good. The discussions were thrilling and constructive. Sometimes youths have difficult questions which need a lot of research. Sometimes it becomes a big challenge to lay pastors. I thank God who uses both the clergy and lay pastors. God provides answers to those who earnestly seek answers. A Bible quiz was conducted. It was boys versus girls. The girls won the prize. It was just fun and awesome. I like Bible quiz because it increases biblical knowledge to our youths. 

On the 23rd of April I conducted wedding Ceremony for Twasola and Deborah at Manseme Church of Christ. It was a wonderful moment for Twasola and Deborah  to be united into a holy marriage. There was great excitement and happiness as the crowd witnessed the white wedding. Several different gifts (cows, goats, kitchen utensils) were given to a couple. 

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