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February report – 2022
February report – 2022

February report – 2022

I hope you are all doing well.

I had a successful visitation trip to a few Churches in Binga. I was welcomed with great joy and honor with brothers and sisters in Christ. It has been a long time without facially seeing each other with some brethren. Conferences usually bring us together. It was great to share the Word of encouragement and giving hope to those who needed deliverance against haunting spirits. It’s always important to know that the One in us is mightier than the one outside. God set His children free.

It was awesome to meet pastor B F Munkuli ministering in Chimvwetu Church. I was so fascinated to know how his Church is slowly growing up since food delivery. Pastor Munkuli was or is still thankful of the past food delivery. It had both good spiritual and physical impact in his church. Also it was interesting for me to know of his aspiration to keep or serve orphans. In fact he has started working with five (5) orphans in his neighborhood. His desire is to give them necessary support at School by paying fees and buying stationery for them. I was keen to know about his resources. He said to me, “Pastor, I am not moved by my rich resources but Christ’ love, I will share the little I have with them.” I learnt that Pastor Munkuli had 5 cows and sold one last year to curter for School fees for the orphans. The kids are at Primary level. May we pray for pastor B F Munkuli for the Lord to provide more resources to support the orphans.

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