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January report – 2022
January report – 2022

January report – 2022

I have decided to share with you a living testimony and know how God is working in and through other people’s lives. Mr and Mrs L Muleya are a young couple with one baby girl residing in Hwange. They are new converts to Christ  fellowshipping in Hwange Church. Before they committed their life to Christ, they underwent through many weird diseases. Mrs Muleya had terrible headache and backbone pains. Also she suffered from painful eyes. She had bad vision. When she looked she could see many colors. Her eyesight was badly affected. Sometimes she felt like running into the bushes and stay there. She showed some signs of insanity. Mr Muleya also suffered from severe headache and pains. As non-Christians, they consulted the witch doctors for healing. The witch doctors did their best to treat them but on vain. They went to the Hospital for medical treatment, again it was helpless. They were advised to go to the prophets where they were given different Anointing oils. The Anointing oils did not work out. They were even accused of lack of faith. The couple was now hopeless. They suffered for almost a year. One of our Deacons advised Mr Muleya to visit Pastor John Sandu and share his problem. After counseling sessions, Pastor  John arranged a prayer and fasting day for the suffering young couple. When we prayed for them they manifested an evil spirit. We continued to pray and fast for their deliverance on every Thursday evening. When they got their healing, they surrendered their life to Christ and got baptized. We enjoy their gift of singing and their support in the Church. We humbly give all glory to our Almighty God for His caring love for His suffering children. When people get stuck and become hopeless, God intervenes and brings hope and life.

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February 15, 2022 – Response to question from the January report

Thank you so much for your interest to know more about spirits or deliverance from the spirits. I wish I could explain more. The evil spirit was instantly cast out. They were set free. When a demon is cast out, it goes to the deserts or mountains but it will come again to see if it reside again. If it’s place in a person is not occupied by the Holy Spirit, it goes out to collect seven more demons to occupy the person and the state of that person becomes worse than before. Why did we pray and fast every Thursday?

1)To avoid the spirit coming back.

2)To encourage and strengthen the person through the prayers and the Word of God.

3)Praying for their spiritual growth,  and remember growth is a process.

Every new convert needs discipleship lessons.

Note that some people receive deliverance instantly yet other several times, it all depends on their acceptance of the Holy Spirit or the God’s Word.

The question is what occupies the person when the demon departs?

The young couple here is delivered which is evidenced by spiritual gifting…singing and zeal for the Lord.


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