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May-June report – 2022
May-June report – 2022

May-June report – 2022

Greetings to you all. I have attached my May-June report and photos for the house project.

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Leadership Seminar.

We had one of the most encouraging and inspiring pastoral training at Siachilaba Church. The training was attended by pastors and their wives. The training commenced on the 16th to 21st of May. Our first day was set apart for prayer and fasting. We had a short Word of encouragement from the Bible every time before praying. A few pastors took turns to lead in devotion and prayer requests. It was indeed awesome as we spiritually felt connected to God. The praise and worship was great even though we didn’t have musical instruments.

We had five teachers teaching different topics under the same main theme of the year: “It’s time to stand firm.” We felt challenged that we need to take our stand and remain firm despite the circumstances and situations we encounter in our lives and ministry. I led discussion where I divided pastors into three groups to discuss on circumstances and situations we face in our lives and ministry, and possible solutions to them. It was a fruitful discussion. Finally we had prayer for each other to be strengthened and remain firm to our calling.

Women’s Conference.

There was Women’s Conference which was scheduled on 9-12 June. The conference was well organized by Women themselves and are always proving themselves to be good organizers. The conference went well. There were five male pastors who were on standby to assist with prayers and counseling. Some demons are aggressive and may disrupt the smooth flow of the schedule, and to avoid that they are referred to pastors. God is using some of these women in a mighty way. They are great speakers. They are women of great influence in their fellowships, families and in Churches. We give all glory to God. They conducted Bible quiz from the book of Ruth. Dobola Church won the prize.

The House Project

The house project is going on well. The construction was slowed down by the shortages of bricks. The guys who mold bricks had stopped making them because of rain season. They have now resumed. 20000 bricks have been purchased and should be enough to complete the house. I am expecting the construction to be completed by next week. I have attached the photos of the building to see the development. I want to thank you all for your financial assistance in the construction of the house. I hope you will continue to assist until it is completely finished. Please know that I and my family and the Churches here are very much appreciative of your donation toward the house construction. May God richly bless you all.

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Leadership Conference is
October 24th through 29th.
This will be the last conference for 2022.